Wednesday, August 5, 2009

from potsdam

Now I am indeed on my own. Last visitors are gone and suddently I find myself on my own, having to decide what to do, eat, where to go to etc. Oh my - the guilt trip caught up and I started working again. It feels safe, I have to say and I get totally dragged in. So today I am workng on the Summit2010 which is important. But I also enjoy staying in touch with Patti, jenny, chi ping and Paula and whoever writes to me and seems to miss me. I do feel that I will be ready to come home in 2.5 weeks.

But I can report that a great event is coming up on the 15th. It is called "Schloessernacht" and all castle's, estates around the big Schloss Sans Souci will be iluminated and there will be much music, mostly classical all around the park. So I managed to get a ticket and hopefully will go with Anette and her husband. If not then music events I can do well on my own
and enjoy myself.
Another thing I am working on is on German history which is certainly present here. I went to a memorial site for political prisoners here in Potsdam which was an experience that still stays with me. Very scary. Now I am reading a book called "Krokodil im Nacken" which gives a deep account of life in the former DDR, East Germany right after 1945 through 1989. I think many people should read books like that to truly appreciate freedom and a justice system even with faults. The random arrests, imprisonments, scare tactics are unbelievable. But I am sure the Nazi's did the same and so do many other countries. but coming so close is different.

all for now

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  1. Hello, Irmgard, I hope you are meeting some interesting Potsdammers now that you are alone and turning on your charm. How I wish I could have joined you on your trip! Big hug to you,
    Lisa F.